The A-Welle Nighttime Network for Aargau.

1 supplement for 7 night-time networks.

The single night supplement for 5 francs is valid for the entire greater Zurich area. With just one supplement and a valid ticket, you can travel on seven nighttime networks (ZVV, A-Welle, OSTWIND, the Zug, Schwyz and Z-Pass fare networks as well as the Zurich – Lucerne night trains).

Offers & prices.

  • With the A-Welle Nighttime Network, you can travel at night by train and bus, from Friday into Saturday and Saturday into Sunday until the early hours of the morning.
  • The A-Welle Nighttime Network includes all routes designated SN and N as well as the Staarliner buses in the Aarau region.
  • These specially marked nighttime network routes are subject to supplements.
  • If you wish to travel on the A-Welle night-time network, you must purchase a 5 francs night-time supplement in addition to a valid ticket (A-Welle zone ticket, GA travelcard, etc.).


Save as you travel: Get a 10% discount with the multiple night supplement card of 6 supplements for 27 francs.

How to buy.

  • You can obtain the night supplement via the SBB Mobile app, from ticket machines and during business hours at the counter.
  • The night supplement is also available by text message. Simply text “NZ” to 988. 5 francs per text message (on Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt networks).

Prices, product and timetable specifications subject to modifications.