The ZVV Nighttime Network.

1 supplement for 7 night-time networks.

The single night supplement for 5 francs is valid for the entire greater Zurich area. With just one supplement and a valid ticket, you can travel on seven nighttime networks (ZVV, A-Welle, OSTWIND, the Zug, Schwyz and Z-Pass fare networks as well as the Zurich – Lucerne night trains).

Offers & prices.

  • With the Zurich Transport Network Nighttime Network, you can travel at night by train and bus, from Friday into Saturday and from Saturday into Sunday until the early hours of the morning.
  • The ZVV Nighttime Network includes all routes designated SN or N.
  • These specially marked ZVV Nighttime Network routes are subject to supplements.
  • If you wish to travel on the ZVV night-time network, you must purchase a 5 francs night-time supplement in addition to a valid ticket (all ZVV and national tickets).


Save as you travel: Get a 10% discount with the multiple night supplement card of 6 supplements for 27 francs.

How to buy.

  • You can obtain the night supplement via the SBB Mobile app, from ticket machines and during business hours at the counter.
  • The night supplement is also available by text message. Simply text “NZ” to 988. 5 francs per text message (on Swisscom, Sunrise and Salt networks).

Prices, product and timetable specifications subject to modifications.