Travel at the lowest fares: with supersaver tickets, also in 1st class.

Would you also like to travel through Switzerland at the lowest fares? Then simply look out for supersaver tickets when purchasing tickets online or via your mobile. This means you can travel on many Swiss public transport routes with a discount of up to 70%.

Supersaver tickets are available online at or via the smartphone app. Take advantage of this inexpensive way to travel.

This is how you can buy your supersaver ticket online:

  1. Enter the route and day of travel required.
  2. You can see whether supersaver tickets are available.
  3. Select the preferred connection, pay and print out your supersaver ticket.

Tip: Each time you make a timetable enquiry, supersaver tickets will automatically be displayed, provided they are available. The earlier you check the more supersaver tickets are available. When purchasing supersaver tickets, special terms and conditions apply.


This is how you can buy your supersaver ticket in the SBB Mobile or SBB Preview app:

  • Enter the route and the day of travel required in the timetable or touch timetable.
  • The services with supersaver tickets available will be shown in the overview with a % sign.
  • Tap your preferred service, choose the supersaver ticket and complete the purchasing process.
  • If you tap “Edit travellers”, you can also buy supersaver tickets for your fellow travellers straight away. 

Tip: Search for supersaver tickets in 1st class too, as in some cases these are even cheaper than standard 2nd class tickets.

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Up to 70% discount, e.g. Winterthur–Biel/Bienne: 2nd cl., Half Fare Travelcard, single journey, CHF 8.40 instead of CHF 28.

Buy Supersaver ticket.

Find a supersaver ticket for a specific date for one of 30 cities.

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