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Thank you for your interest in SBB. We are pleased to inform you about the SBB Media Center's conditions of use.

All the images, videos and audio files in the SBB Media Center may be used for editorial purposes free of charge. If you are publishing any of the material, you must use the source reference ©SBB CFF FFS. Commercial use of the images (advertising and other commercial use) by third parties is prohibited.

All of the digital content is protected by law. It is not permitted to use the material in a misleading or discriminatory way or in a way that is prejudicial to the interests of SBB.

If you have any questions relating to the use of the material, please contact us:
SBB Communications, Hilfikerstrasse 1, CH-3000 Berne 65, e-mail:

SBB's historic images, videos and audio files are available from:
SBB Historic, Lagerstrasse, CH-5210 Windisch, e-mail: