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Juniors' GA TC monthly bill (FP) Item information 10650

Your GA travelcard.
The GA travelcard entitles you to unlimited travel within the area of validity in either 2nd or 1st class. With your GA travelcard, you also get half-price travel in the respective class on routes in the Half-Fare area of validity. Important: The night supplement is not included in the GA travelcard. Please pay the additional charge if you travel on trains and buses identified as night transport.

Your GA travelcard is included on your SwissPass. This is the first step in a new era of travel on public transport and personal mobility as the SwissPass also gives you easy access to our partner services - Mobility Carsharing, PubliBike and SwitzerlandMobility - and to skiing areas.

Automatic renewal.
When you buy a GA travelcard, you enter into an open-ended contract. The advantage of this is that your travelcard is automatically renewed at the end of your chosen validity period - 1 year or 1 month. Today, more than half of our GA travelcard customers renew their travelcard effortlessly. Thanks to the SwissPass, you no longer have to think about renewing your travelcard and therefore always stay mobile. Your SwissPass card is valid for several years and your travelcard stays activated on the same card.

Termination reminder.
If you have a 1-year GA travelcard, we will remind you about the possible termination date in good time before the travelcard is renewed. This takes place when the annual invoice is sent. You can also sign up for an e-mail or SMS reminder for this date via your customer account at

We will send you the invoice for the new validity period of your GA travelcard before it is renewed automatically. This will give you enough time up to the specified date to cancel your GA travelcard if you no longer wish to benefit from the advantages it provides. With due regard to the applicable terms, you may terminate your GA travelcard at any time. You can do this in just a few clicks at You can, of course, also terminate your travelcard at the usual outlets or by calling the GA Travelcard Helpdesk.

Minimum contract term.
To start with, every GA travelcard has a minimum contract term of 4 months, regardless of the payment intervals. You can then decide whether you wish to continue with your travelcard or terminate it subject to the terms.

The GA travelcard for your SwissPass will be delivered by post within 10 days. If you need your GA travelcard to be valid before this, you can print out a temporary PDF SwissPass.

Purchase by bill
Please note that purchase by bill must be carried out at least 10 days before the start of validity. We send you the bill by separate post and you must pay it before the start of validity.

Prices of the annual GA travelcard.
2nd class CHF 2'650.00
1st class CHF 4'520.00

Prices of the monthly GA travelcard.
2nd class CHF 245.00
1st class CHF 405.00


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