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GA for dogs GA travelcard for dogs.

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The GA travelcard is valid for 12 months and allows your dog to travel with you for an unlimited number of journeys within the GA area of validity in the same class as you (the GA travelcard for dogs does not have any class designation). You can also take your dog with you for half the standard price in the corresponding class on routes in the Half-Fare travelcard area of validity.

Important: you must travel with a valid GA travelcard or Half-Fare travelcard and a valid ticket. If you are bringing several dogs, each one must have its own GA travelcard (or another valid dog ticket). Please enter your details under "Surname", "First name" and "Date of birth" (not those of your dog).

You can order a new GA travelcard online here, if you have a credit card, a passport or ID card and a digital passport photo. You can also renew your existing GA travelcard online here (also to a different class from the previous one) or change from a Half-Fare travelcard to the GA travelcard.

Your plastic GA travelcard will be delivered by post within ten days. Should your GA travelcard be valid before this, you may print out a temporary travelcard in PDF format.


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