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Point-to-point season tickets.

Point-to-point season tickets

If you regularly make the same journey by train, then a point-to-point travelpass is just the ticket for you.

Point-to-point travelpasses are available for children and young people from their 6th to their 25th birthday for 2nd class travel. Adults (aged 25 and over) can use them for 1st and 2nd class travel. You can choose a period of validity of seven days, one month or twelve months (travel 12 month, pay 9 month). Point-to-point travelpasses valid for twelve months are good value. Young people up to the age of 25 can also take advantage of attractive discounts. If your journey lies within one of the regional authority transport networks, you will need a travelpass for this network rather than a point-to-point travelpass.


If you do not yet have a point-to-point travelpass, then you can order one online (1 and 12 month(s) only), by telephone from Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. on the Swiss fixed-line network) or at any ticket counter, and it will be sent to you by post within 10 days. Important: please note that for the initial order you require a current, high-quality passport photo.

If you already have a point-to-point travelpass and would like to renew it, then you can do so online (for 1 and 12 month(s) only), by telephone from Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. on the Swiss fixed-line network), at the ticket counter or at ticket machines with a touch screen.

Typefor 12 monthsfor 1 month
Adultsorder onlineorder online
Young adults aged 6 to 25order onlineorder online

Please note that for routes above a certain distance, it would be better to buy a GA travelcard.

Prices and product specifications subject to change.

Affirm your point-to-point season ticket.

For carefree travel trips: The public transport letter of cover.

Forgotten your point-to-point travelpass?

If you have left your point-to-point travelpass at your home or office, you can buy a temporary replacement travelpass from the counter for a fee of CHF 5. Please present proof of identity.