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Bicycle ticket for accompanied bikes.

For bicycles which you take onto the train yourself, you need to buy a bicycle ticket. A bicycle ticket is valid for SBB services, private railways, PostBus and other transport companies.

Please note that, depending on passenger demand – especially if the weather is good – little capacity may be available for accompanied bikes on certain services. You can find more information on travelling with your bike here.

Prices of bicycle tickets.

Prices of bicycle tickets.
Prices1/bicycle ticketAdult with a GA, Half-Fare travelcard, STS2, and children under 163Adults, normal fare

Annual bike pass

(valid for one year, non- transferable)

CHF 220CHF 220
1-day bike pass

CHF 12

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CHF 18
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1-day bike pass multipack

(6 freely selectable days)

CHF 72
Short-distance bike ticketStandard half-fare ticket,
2nd class

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Standard full-fare ticket,
2nd class
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Reservation for ICN trains
(mandatory from 21 march to 31 October)


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  • You can obtain annual bike passes and 1-day bike pass multipacks at the counter or by calling Rail Service on 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min. from Swiss landlines).
  • 1-day bike passes can be purchased online in the SBB Ticket Shop, via your mobile phone, at the counter or from ticket machines.
  • Short-distance trip tickets are available online in the SBB Ticket Shop, via your mobile phone, at the counter or from ticket machines.
  • Mandatory reservations for ICN trains between 21 March and 31 October can be booked online in the SBB Ticket Shop, via SBB Mobile using your smartphone where you see the symbol or at SBB ticket offices up to 5 minutes before departure. If you board an ICN train with a bike but without a bike reservation you will be required to pay a surcharge of CHF 10.00. However, we cannot guarantee a space for your bike, as you may have to vacate it for passengers with a reservation.

Reductions and special offers.

  • Children with a Junior travelcard can take their children's bike or trailer bike free of charge when accompanied by a parent with a valid bicycle ticket. The same principle applies to children with a Grandchild travelcard or STS Family Card.
  • Children's bikes for children under the age of 6 count as hand luggage and can be taken on board free of charge.
  • Passengers with an “Identity card for passengers with a disability” may check in a tandem, reclining bike or tricycle for the fare listed for a standard bicycle1.

1 Applies to standard bikes and bike trailers (empty). Non-standard bikes (longer than 2 m) cost double the fares listed. Passengers with an “Identity card for passengers with a disability” may travel with a non-standard bike for the fare listed for a standard bicycle. For space and safety reasons, the transport of tandems, recumbent bicycles, tricycles and other bicycles longer than two meters is not possible in IR, IC, ICN and EC trains operated by SBB.
Bike trailers used as pushchairs count:

  • as a bike trailer when the parents are travelling by bike (prices as per table)
  • as a pushchair when the parents are not travelling by bike (transported free of charge as luggage)

2 Tickets from the Swiss Travel System range, for passengers from abroad.

3 Until their 16th birthday.