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Travel at the lowest fares – with supersaver tickets.

Would you like to travel through Switzerland at the lowest fares? Then simply look out for supersaver tickets when purchasing online and via mobile. This means you can travel on many Swiss train and PT routes with a discount of up to 50%. You can buy supersaver tickets online and now also via the SBB Mobile app. Benefit from this inexpensive way to travel.

How to obtain your supersaver ticket if you purchase it online:

  1. Enter the route and day of travel required in the SBB Ticket Shop.
  2. You can see whether supersaver tickets are available.
  3. Select the preferred connection, pay and print out your supersaver ticket.

Tip: Each time you make a timetable enquiry, supersaver tickets will automatically be displayed, provided they are available. The earlier you check the more supersaver tickets are available. When purchasing supersaver tickets, special terms and conditions apply. If you require further information, you can find details under frequently asked questions. Besides this, we have put together general information on OnlineTickets or MobileTickets for you.

Our favourite routes

Thanks to supersaver tickets, you can travel particularly inexpensively through Switzerland. If you are lucky, supersaver tickets are also available for your favourite routes. Or how about discovering a new route?

Lausanne–Bern, favourite route of Sarah S. from Vevey:
“I found my favourite route quickly. The train journey from Lausanne to Bern is always impressive. So I am pleased I have relatives in German-speaking Switzerland, which gives me a reason to travel through.”

Bern–Eschenz, favourite route of Michael R. from Bern: “With my favourite route it is not simply the case that “the journey is the reward” but the destination is the actual highlight of this attractive trip. From my home city of Bern, the route runs via Zurich and Kreuzlingen to rural Eschenz, where my donkey awaits me. This visit is simply an experience every time and in any season.”

Olten–Lucerne Swiss Museum of Transport, favourite route of Marina H. from Roggliswil: “Now and then I visit the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne with my son – the journey is a highlight in itself. Going past green
fields and forests, we soon see the idyllic Lake Sempach and then the Reuss. After changing trains in Lucerne, we travel across the
Reuss Bridge in a tunnel, at the end of which is Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Museum of Transport”.

Terms and conditions

Supersaver tickets.

  • There are supersaver tickets for 1st and 2nd class. Offer based on availability.
  • You can obtain supersaver tickets with a discount of up to 50% on the standard price and on the reduced* price (with Half-Fare travelcard, for children from the age of 6 up to their 16th birthday and children traveling alone under 6 years).
  • Children under 6 years accompanied by an adult travel free of charge.
  • You can buy a supersaver ticket with a discount (Half-Fare travelcard) for 2nd class for your dog. The ticket must be registered in the name of the dog’s owner.


  • The supersaver ticket is only valid for the selected date of travel and the selected public transport connection (train connection).

Special conditions.

  • The number of supersaver tickets is limited.
  • Supersaver tickets are available for most public transport routes except routes within a regional fare network.
  • Supersaver tickets may be purchased no more than 30 days before the desired date of travel.
  • You can purchase supersaver tickets online and on your smartphone via SBB Mobile.
  • It is not possible to upgrade class, change routes or change trains using a supersaver ticket.
  • The Junior or Grandchild card is valid in combination with the supersaver ticket.


All tickets issued as E-Tickets (as for example. supersaver tickets) are basically non-refundable. 

In accordance with tariff 600.10, clause 3, supersaver tickets can be refunded in a few exceptional cases and only via the SBB Contact Center in Brig.

  • If the customer misses the connection booked or wishes to travel at a different time, he or she may purchase a ticket at the standard fare prior to the start of the originally booked trip. In this case, the customer must show the original supersaver ticket with a confirmation from the sales or checking person, as well as the original ticket at the standard price. A reduced fee of CHF 10 will be charged according to fare 600.9. Only tickets with the completely identical route will be refunded.

Price, product and timetable information is subject to modifications.

Questions and answers

You will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about supersaver tickets here. If these FAQ still do not provide you with an answer, please describe your question or problem to us here. We will be pleased to help you further.

Questions and answers.

  • How do I purchase a supersaver ticket for outward and return journeys?
    You can obtain supersaver tickets conveniently in the SBB Ticket Shop or via the SBB Mobile app. First select the outward journey and then the return journey.

  • Can supersaver tickets be combined with normal tickets?
    Yes. Combining a supersaver ticket for the outward journey with a normal ticket for the return (or vice versa) will still work out cheaper than a standard return ticket for the same route.

  • Is the Half-Fare travelcard valid when purchasing supersaver tickets?
    Yes. You can benefit from an additional discount of up to 50% on the standard half-price fare with the Half-Fare travelcard.

  • I have missed the selected supersaver ticket connection for which I bought a supersaver ticket. Can I still use my supersaver on another connection?
    If you have missed the booked connection or wish to travel at another time, you can purchase another ticket at the standard fare and have the supersaver ticket refunded after travelling. You must show the ticket collector the original supersaver ticket with a confirmation as well as the original ticket purchased at the standard fare. Only tickets for identical routes may be refunded. Refunds can only be obtained via the Contact Center in Brig – the easiest way to do this is to apply directly using the online refund form. A reduced surcharge of CHF 10 will be applied for refunds as per T600.9. Where a train is cancelled or delayed or a route is closed, you may use the next connection with confirmation from the ticket inspector or sales agent.

  • Why must I give my full name and date of birth when purchasing a supersaver ticket?
    Supersaver tickets are E-Tickets and these are issued to a named passenger and are not transferable. This is why you will also be asked to show your Half-Fare travelcard or identity card when your tickets are checked on board the train.

  • Are Junior and Grandchild travelcards also valid in connection with supersaver tickets?

  • Are supersaver tickets also available for dogs and bicycles?
    For dogs, you can purchase a 2nd class supersaver ticket with a Half-Fare travelcard (even if you are travelling in 1st class). You will be asked to give the name of the person accompanying the dog when you purchase the ticket. Supersaver tickets are not available for bicycles.

  • How much discount do I receive on a supersaver ticket with my Half-Fare travelcard?
    With the Half-Fare travelcard you receive an additional discount of up to 50% on the half-price fare.

  • For which routes are supersaver tickets available?
    Supersaver tickets are available for most public transport routes except routes within a regional fare network.

  • Why are different prices offered for the same route?
    The prices depend on the capacity and popularity of the connections concerned.

  • Won’t GA and Half-Fare travelcard holders be disadvantaged by supersaver tickets?
    No. GA travelcard holders still enjoy unlimited travel on the entire public transport network for one whole year for an attractive all-inclusive fee. Half-Fare travelcard holders benefit from even lower prices for supersaver tickets.

  • Will commuters be disadvantaged by supersaver tickets?
    No. Commuters can also take advantage of the supersaver tickets in their free time.

  • Why can supersaver tickets only be purchased online and via smartphone?
    The offers and prices for supersaver tickets are constantly being updated. The simplest and quickest way for you to find the right supersaver ticket is online.

  • I bought a normal ticket and only then realised that there were also supersaver tickets available for the same route. Can I get a refund on the normal ticket?
    No. Unlike the supersaver ticket, you can use the normal ticket on any timetable connection you wish on your route. You have to decide before you buy whether you want to be flexible or whether you want to stick to a specific departure time.

  • I have general questions on the SBB Ticket Shop, the SBB Mobile app, E-Tickets or the MMS Ticket. Where can I find more information?
    - Questions on online and mobile purchasing
    - Questions on registration
    - Frequently asked questions on online and mobile purchasing
    - Questions on E-Tickets
    - Questions on the MMS Ticket

  • Who should I contact if I have a problem or a question?
    If you cannot find the answer you were looking for above, please describe your question or problem to us here. We will be glad to help.