Ticket refunds.

All you need to know about refunds for unused or partially used tickets bought on SBB.ch or in the app. Tickets bought at the counter or ticket machines can only be refunded at a staffed station.

National tickets purchased in the app or on SBB.ch (excluding special offers).

National tickets that were purchased with a login in the app or on SBB.ch at a standard fare can be refunded or exchanged without incurring a fee at any time before the start of the validity period. If the ticket was purchased as a guest (without a login), a fee is charged for the refund.

Tickets for Switzerland purchased with a login (excluding special offers).

Tickets for Switzerland purchased as a guest (without a login) (excluding special offers).

Supersaver tickets and saver day passes for Switzerland.

International tickets.

Questions from the Community.

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    Need to have my travel passes refunded before the start date(04/12/2021) - Covid cancellation

    Hi there,I bought two Swiss travel passes last week and the validity date begins on Saturday the 4th December. Due to the new restrictions imposed by the Swiss government, I can no longer travel to Switzerland this December and I would like to have my refund request processed this week. As in the terms and conditions it says that it can only be done before the validity period on the travel passes begins.I filled in a refund application form yesterday on the SBB website and I have not yet had any response other than an automatic email to say it was received. The code in the email was as follows - CS002084063 I had to check a different reason for the cancellation as there was no option for 'other' and so instead I wrote my reason in the message box and then sent a follow up email. I just want to be sure that my request and the reason for it has been taken into account.I would like to avoid having to call the SBB helpline as it costs money and I have already lost a lot of money having to cancel my trip. Please could you help me get my refund as soon as possibleThanksJ

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    Started EasyRide, but didn't actually use transport, possible refund?

    Hi all,Yesterday I started my EasyRide to go a short distance to the nearby Coop. The waiting for the bus was quite long so we decided to walk to the next bus stop. Found a store near there and decided to go. So I decided to stop the EasyRide but it still charged me.Is it a. possible to request a refund for that journey and b. if yes, how can I go about doing so?Thank you in advance.

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    Online ticket booked for wrong date

    Hello, My travel plan to Swiss is on 25th September but unknowingly I have booked for current date i.e 04-September. I have filled online form for refund but so far I did not get any update on it.Kindly let me know if I can reschedule or refund.Kindly help me so that I can book another ticket.Order no.: 1332019617 RegardsLakshmi Srikanth Reddy


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