Help with ticket refunds.

All you need to know about refunds for unused or partially used tickets bought on or in the SBB Mobile app. Tickets purchased at the ticket counter or ticket machine can only be refunded at a staffed station.

Tickets for Switzerland purchased via SBB Mobile or on

National tickets which you purchased at the standard price while logged into the SBB Mobile app or can be refunded or exchanged for free BEFORE the start of validity. 

SBB Mobile / SBB Preview: how can I get a refund for the ticket I bought in the app while logged in?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to “Tickets & SwissPass”.
  2. Select the ticket you would like to have refunded.
  3. Select the menu item (circle with three dots) and choose “Refund ticket”.
  4. Check the settings and have the ticket refunded. how can I get a refund for the ticket I bought online while logged in?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Orders section in your user account.
  2. Click on the ticket you would like to have refunded.
  3. Click on the “Refund” button to switch to the refund overview.
  4. The details can be checked again at this point.
  5. Click on “Refund” to issue the refund.
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Please note:

  • BEFORE the start of validity, you can have standard-price tickets refunded/exchanged without a fee.
  • For refunds AFTER the start of validity, a fee of CHF 10 will be retained for each claim (in line with T600.9, section 1.4Link opens in new window.).
  • You will also receive a refund confirmation by e-mail. 
  • The amount will be credited to the payment method used for purchase.
  • You can view your refund in your user account at any time.
  • Special provisions apply to saver offers (supersaver tickets/Saver Day Passes).
  • Seat reservations and bike space reservations cannot be exchanged or refunded.

How can I get a refund for tickets purchased while not logged in?

Did you buy your ticket as a guest as you don’t have a user account? Then use the refund form to claim a refund for your ticket.

Go to the refund form

Tickets for Switzerland purchased at an SBB ticket machine or an SBB ticket counter.

You can only get refunds for tickets purchased at the counter or ticket machine at a staffed station.

Supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes for Switzerland.

International tickets for Europe.

Questions from the Community.

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    Supersaver tickets refundable for missed train due to flight problem?

    I'm arriving by air into Geneva Airport next month and considering whether to risk a Super Saver fare - obviously there's a reasonable risk of flight delays etc. Reading the terms of the ticket on SBB ( it says generally you can't refund or exchange Super Saver Tickets.But.. it then says.. if you've missed a connection, you can, according to Tariff 600.9 paragraph 8 (in German, text below, from here: opens in new window.), buy a new full price ticket (same route) and have the cost of the Super Saver Ticket taken off the new fare... minus a 10CHF fee. I had the impression that this is a relatively new rule from the past couple of years. Would the scenario of a late flight making you miss the train be valid for such a procedure, or is this just for multi-leg train journeys where one train is delayed and causes you to miss a connected train?If it's valid then I might as well book the Super Saver as I will only be 10CHF out of pocket if the flight's late and I miss it, much less than the additional cost of the walk up fare I would otherwise be purchasing. I'd appreciate any expert views on whether I've interpreted the rules correctly, thank you.In folgenden Fällen können die als Sparangebot ausgegebenen Fahrausweise mit dem Selbstbehalt umgetauscht oder erstattet werden:• Kann der Kunde die mit einem Sparbillett gebuchte Verbindung nicht einhalten, kann er ein Billett zum Normaltarif für den selben Tag kaufen und sich das Sparbillett nach der Reise erstatten lassen. Die Kundin/der Kunde hat hierfür sowohl das Originalsparbillett sowie das Originalbillett zum Normaltarif vorzuweisen. Es können nur Billette mit der vollständig identischen Strecke und Klasse erstattet werden.

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    Ticket Refund Error: "An error occurred during processing."

    Hi, whenever I try to apply for a refund on my tickets I get an error. It was the case last week and still exists. There is no any problem until the last section (4- to send) however once i hit the red button of "to send" I see the error of "An error occurred during processing.". Can you please take a look at that? Thank you.

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    Cancel refund

    Dear Sir or Madam,Sorry to disturb you, I am writing to ask if I can cancel my refund request (CS002225315) because I don't want to refund this ticket (Ticket-ID: 991867665225, Reference no.: 461817738, Order no.: 1385644911) anymore.  I apologize for the inconvenience caused by my mistake.PS: After I ask for a refund for this order there is a statement "A refund has been requested for this ticket" above the QR code of this ticket, I am wondering if I cancel the refund request will this line of statement disappear and can I use this ticket as normal?Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


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