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  1. Up to 10% Discount

    Falconeria Locarno.

    Ticino region

    Be carried away by the fascinating world of birds of prey at Falconeria Locarno.

  2. Up to 50% Discount

    Swiss Museum of Transport.

    Central Switzerland region

    Virtual reality and Swiss icons. At the Swiss Museum of Transport, you can do a virtual climb of the Matterhorn and explore the country with the latest technology.

  3. Up to 20% Discount


    Central Switzerland region

    Fun, action or relaxation: Pilatus Kulm offers you a variety of activities to enjoy as you choose.

  4. 30% discount

    Monte Brè.

    Ticino region

    The sunniest mountain in Switzerland will surprise you.

  5. Up to 30% Discount

    Kunstmuseum Basel.

    Basel region

    Ranks among the most renowned institutions of its kind in Europe and beyond.

  6. Up to 30% Discount

    Swissminiatur Melide.

    Ticino region

    Expand your geographical and cultural knowledge of Switzerland – with more than 130 models of patrician houses, castles, churches and other famous buildings.

  7. Up to 30% Discount

    Lake Constance and Mainau Island.

    Eastern Switzerland region, Europe (AT, DE, FR, IT)

    A warm breeze sweeping over the turquoise blue water in the shimmering light, the gentle swell of the water, the cheerful colours and the sweet fragrances testify to a certain ease of being which you can find on this island.

  8. Up to 30% Discount

    Aquatis – Aquarium-Vivarium.

    Lake Geneva region

    Your visit to Aquatis is a superb journey into the fascinating world of fresh water on our planet.

  9. Up to 30% Discount

    Lindt Home of Chocolate.

    Zurich region

    Watch and be amazed: a look at the world from a chocolate perspective.

  10. Up to 30% Discount

    Basel Zoo.

    Basel region

    At Basel Zoo, you experience a variety of animal habitats in a unique park environment.

  11. Up to 30% Discount

    FIFA Museum.

    Zurich region

    Experience the history of international football up close.

  12. Hallenstadion.

    Zurich region

    The largest multifunctional indoor venue in Switzerland.

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