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Why does SBB advertise on its website? What data of mine is used for this? This information and more can be found here.

Why advertisements?

In order to make our digital platforms as attractive and innovative as possible, we invest a lot of money every day. We cover part of these costs by offering interested companies the opportunity to reach out to our customers via advertising.

Is my data used for advertisements?

Yes, but in strictest accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. We apply this very restrictively and expressly do not use so-called personal identifying features. See also the following section.

What data of mine is used?

For logged-in users we use profile data such as age, place of residence and sex, as well as travel information such as departure location, departure time, departure date, departure day, arrival location, arrival time, arrival date, arrival day, class of travel and approximate location. In addition, information about the type of device used may be obtained. Attributes relating to a specific person such as name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address are not used. Your data is never transmitted to the advertising customers and is used only to determine which ads should be displayed and when. The data is also anonymised so that it is impossible to make inferences about a particular person. For example, Hans Sutter, 50, who is currently in Bern and is looking for a connection to Zurich will be identified as a male passenger travelling to Zurich. This data is used to display ads that are as relevant as possible.

Is my data stored for ad placement purposes?

No, data is not stored for ads and we do not create a usage profile either. When you access a page on the websites or in the apps, the relevant travel information (see section above) is used to display ads that are as relevant to you as possible. This process is also known as “ad hoc matching”. After advertisements have been placed, the data will no longer be available as it is not stored.

Why is my data used?

We use your data in order to show you advertisements that are actually relevant to you. For example, a new restaurant in Zurich main station is interesting for commuters who travel to Zurich or people who spend time there, whereas we would recommend the Paléo Festival in Nyon to people in Lausanne.

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