• A huge and fascinating river of ice.
  • The largest ice flow in the Alps.
  • Sports facilities are available all year round.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly on public transport.

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The river of ice that flows between rocks and stone steps.

In this UNESCO World Heritage region, a river of ice flows between rocks and stone steps. Numerous vantage points provide impressive views of the glacier, such as Bettmerhorn above Bettmeralp. You can make your hike even more interesting by visiting the free multimedia exhibition ‘The World of the Great Aletsch Glacier’ in the Aletsch Arena. Take a shortcut through the illuminated tunnel that takes you to the other side of the Tälligrat. At the foot of the river of ice, take some time to admire Lake Märjelen, which is fed by the glacier’s meltwaters.

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