The new long-distance double-deck train.

The “LD double-decker”, SBB’s new long-distance double-deck train, has been operating according to schedule since 9 December 2018.

The new long-distance train, manufactured by Bombardier, has up to 1,300 seats and will therefore provide greater capacity on very busy routes. The train has a bright and spacious interior, with power sockets next to every seat in both first and second
class, wheelchair-accessible compartments and toilets, WCs with baby-changing facilities, and designated spaces for prams and bikes spread throughout the train. The Intercity model also has a family coach and a dining car. The pressure-resistant coaches reduce the unpleasant sensation of pressure in the ears when travelling through tunnels or passing trains travelling in the opposite direction at high speed.

The new trains also feature technology enabling them to travel round curves faster in future, which will also result in shorter journey times. Latest-generation energy-efficient engines ensure that the multiple units can accelerate fast, but relatively economically.

Over the coming years, SBB will be investing around 1 billion Swiss francs annually in new and modernised trains.

The 2D detailed map of Switzerland shows the operation routes for the new long-distance double-deck trains. Once they are delivered, the new, modern LD double-deckers will operate mainly on the east-west corridor: St. Gallen – Zurich main station – Olten – Bern – Lausanne – Geneva. Additional operation routes include Basel SBB – Zurich main station, St. Gallen – Chur, Zurich – Chur, Lucerne – Zurich and Basel – Olten – Bern – Interlaken Ost/Brig.
Image legend: Planned LD double-decker routes once all units have been delivered.

Different models of the trains have been ordered.

SBB has ordered three different models of the new vehicles. These can operate coupled together, allowing SBB to respond flexibly to passenger numbers. The result is a ten percent or so increase in the number of seats available at peak times compared with the longest double-deck compositions currently available. The trains can be separated again at off-peak times to prevent trains running empty unnecessarily and to save on both energy and costs.

  • Overview of the three train types (IC200, IR200 and IR100). The IC200 has a dining car and a family coach. SBB has ordered 23 IC200s, 30 IR100s and 9 IR100s. The IC200 has 606 seats, the IR200 has 682 and the IR100 has 330.
  • Überblick über die Servicezonen in einem IC200. Im ersten 2.Klasswagen an der Zugsspitze bzw. am Zugsende befinden sich ein WC, ein Multifunktionsabteil und der Familienwagen. Im zweiten und dritten 2.Klasswagen gibt es ein WC, einen Veloselbstverlad und ein Multifunktionsabteil. Im vierten 2.Klasswagen gleich neben dem Restaurantwagen befindet sich ein WC und ein Abteil mit Rollstuhlplätzen. Im Restaurantwagen gibt es nebst dem Restaurant ein WC und ein Abteil mit Rollstuhlplätzen. Der 1.Klasswagen neben dem Restaurant verfügt über ein WC. Der mittlere 1.Klasswagen hat ein WC, ein Veloselbstverlad, ein Multifunktionsabteil und eine Ruhezone. Der 1.Klasswagen an der Zugsspitze bzw. am Zugsende verfügt über ein WC, einen Veloselbstverlad und eine Businesszone.

The trains have different layouts, which are tailored to our customers’ needs.

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