The Mont 4 Zipline – for the ultimate thrill.

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  • The longest zipline in the Alps.
  • Starting point at 3,300m.
  • Length of 1.4km.
  • Speeds up to 130km/h.
  • Travel conveniently and straightforwardly by public transport.

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Looking for a real adrenaline kick? Try out the Mont 4 Zipline, the longest in the Alps. Hurtle over the Tortin Glacier at speeds of over 130km/h!

This zipline is one of the very best: it starts at 3,330m, has an altitude drop of 383m and is 1.4km long. You’ll need a head for heights! On the descent, you can take in the sublime scenery with the famed slopes of Mont-Fort below you. The integrated braking system ensures a gentle landing on a platform. That way, you can recover before finding your feet back on solid ground or strapping on your skis. 

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