Discover Europe with “Winterrailing”!

Would you like to discover Europe in winter one day, away from the masses of tourists and overcrowded streets, experiencing a whole new kind of adventure?

Interrail lets you exploit all the modern benefits of what has to be the most exciting invention: train travel. You can enjoy cheap and comfortable travel to the most beautiful places in Europe, with a high level of flexibility to suit your individual needs, and of course some once-in-a-lifetime experiences to take away. Whether you’re 10, 20, 40, 60 or even 80 – our tailored offers have something for everyone.

It’s never been easier to embark on a voyage of discovery by train: whether you’re looking to discover a country of your choice or enjoy flexible and cheap travel between up to 30 European countries for one month – the sky’s the limit. If you wish, you can also travel 1st class of course.

Buy online on interrail.chLink opens in new window.

Savour the feeling of travelling wherever you want, meeting interesting people, making new friends and experiencing some unforgettable adventures. Seek out a favourite moment all of your own on a rail network spanning more than 250,000 kilometres. That’s true freedom – that’s Interrail!

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