SBB FreeSurf.

You now benefit from our free Internet connection on trains on InterCity lines IC5 and IC51. To use this, all you need is a mobile phone subscription from Salt or Sunrise and the SBB FreeSurf app.

We are currently conducting a technology test for free Internet access on trains under the name SBB FreeSurf. The test is taking place on InterCity tilting trains (ICN) on lines IC5 and IC51, Zurich–Geneva, St. Gallen–Lausanne and Basel–Biel. The free Internet access is based on good network coverage with 3G/4G along the route. You therefore enjoy a faster and more cohesive Internet connection on the train, which has a greater range than traditional Wi-Fi. If this test is successful, we will be extending the service to all long-distance trains.

  • Test tracks SBB FreeSurf.
  • Video legend: SBB FreeSurf - Browse the web for free on the train.
  • Video legend: Signal boosters and high-frequency windows improve mobile reception on the train.
  • Video legend: Wi-Fi on SBB trains.

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