Surf for free with SBB FreeSurf.

Since 13 December 2020, there has been free internet access available on all SBB long-distance trains (IC and IR) with the SBB FreeSurf app. 

SBB FreeSurf is based on the excellent mobile phone coverage along the Swiss rail routes – passengers can benefit from a faster and smoother internet connection with more bandwidth than you get with conventional train Wi-Fi. Not only Salt and Sunrise customers but also those with a digitec or Quickline mobile phone contract can surf the internet for free with the SBB FreeSurf app. 

From late summer 2021, Swisscom customers with a contract will also be able to benefit. Passengers from abroad will be able to surf the internet for free with a SIM card from a mobile phone provider participating in SBB FreeSurf. Trains with a free internet connection are marked with ‘FS’ (for FreeSurf) in the online timetable. 

Find out what to do to use SBB FreeSurf with a prepaid SIM card here
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  • Video legend: Signal boosters and high-frequency windows improve mobile reception on the train.
  • Video legend: Wi-Fi on SBB trains.

How does it work?

  1. Install the SBB FreeSurf app (iOS or Android).
  2. Register once only.
  3. Board an ICN train on line IC5 or IC51 (trains with a free internet connection are marked with ‘FS’ for FreeSurf in the online timetable).
  4. Activate Bluetooth.
  5. Open SBB FreeSurf.
  6. Confirm that you wish to surf for free.
  7. Start surfing.
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Replacements for Internet Explorer 11.

Microsoft is gradually discontinuing its support for Internet Explorer 11 (more info on microsoft.comLink opens in new window.). If you continue to use Internet Explorer to access, you may experience functional limitations and display problems in the future. For this reason, we recommend using a more modern browser (e.g. Mozilla FirefoxLink opens in new window.Google ChromeLink opens in new window.Microsoft EdgeLink opens in new window.).

We are aware that switching to a new browser may take some getting used to and cause some uncertainties. A more modern browser will allow you to benefit from faster and more secure internet access in future. We are committed to continuing our work with the utmost enthusiasm in the future to guarantee you accessible and inclusive access to