Travel through the day more easily and quickly with SBB Mobile.

With over three million customers, SBB Mobile is the most popular public transport app in Switzerland. You can load your travelcards onto your SwissPass with ease and then show them digitally for added convenience. And did you know that the app offers you exclusive access to cheap tickets such as the Saver Day Pass and supersaver tickets?

The benefits of SBB Mobile at a glance:

Touch timetable – swipe, not type.

  • Simply swipe to connect your departure and arrival points on the touch timetable for the timetable enquiry that you need.
  • You can store the destinations you use most often or even postal addresses in a tile with personal images to create your very own touch timetable.

Your digital travel companion helps you with transfers and keeps you informed in case of disruption.

  • When you buy a ticket, the relevant journey is stored on the homepage.
  • If you don’t need a ticket, you can also add a one-off or recurring journey manually.
  • During your journey, you will be updated with information about delays, platform changes and cancellations and notified when it’s time to board, alight or change.

Buy tickets quickly and easily.

  • Buy your ticket for anywhere in Switzerland in just two clicks.
  • Enjoy travel at particularly low prices with supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes.
  • Your travelcards on your SwissPass are applied.
  • Save your friends, partner or your entire family as accompanying passengers when you buy tickets.
  • Tickets that you buy at, whether for travel in Switzerland or abroad, are displayed automatically in SBB Mobile under “Journeys and tickets”.
  • You can pay for your tickets by monthly invoice, Twint, PostFinance Card, Reka or a credit card and you can also save the tickets you buy automatically in Apple Wallet, ready for the ticket inspection.

EasyRide – SBB automatic ticketing.

  • Just check in and go – there's nothing else to worry about.
  • Change as often as you like and don’t check out again until you reach your destination. Whether by train, postbus, boat or urban public transport, everything is possible with EasyRide.
  • EasyRide detects the route you have travelled and automatically charges you for the correct ticket. EasyRide also takes into account the subscriptions on your SwissPass.

Do you want to find out more about EasyRide?

Display your public transport travelcards digitally.

  • Just link your login to the physical SwissPass card.
  • Then simply show any public transport travelcards (GA, Half-Fare, Track 7 and regional travelcards) on your SwissPass.
  • When it comes to the ticket inspection, just open SBB Mobile and show the SwissPass Mobile screen to the ticket inspector.

View train formations.

  • In order to find out, for example, where 1st class, the coach for bike transport or the family compartment will be located on the platform, simply swipe left in the details overview of your connection to show the train formation.
  • The capacity forecast shows you the expected occupancy rate of each coach on your selected route.
  • The train formation for the current day will be displayed in the app. 

“SBB Mobile” app.

With over three million customers, SBB Mobile is the most popular public transport app in Switzerland. The app offers you simple and personalised timetable enquiries. It takes just two clicks to buy a ticket. You can load your travelcards (GA, Half-Fare, seven25 and regional travelcards) onto your SwissPass with ease and then show them digitally for added convenience. 

The future of SBB Mobile.

We are constantly developing SBB Mobile further to meet the needs of our many customers and keep pace with the technological advances on the market. With our customers’ help, we test and optimise new features in the SBB Preview app at regular intervals, before integrating these into SBB Mobile.

Do you have any questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about SBB Mobile are available in the help and contact area.