Group tickets.

With a group ticket, groups of 10 or more can travel for less on public transport: with a 30% discount on the train journey. 

The advantages for you.

  • Group tickets are ideal for trips out by companies, clubs, private groups, schools and youth groups. 
  • They are available at the full price for adults aged 25.
  • Also available at half price for adults with Half Fare Travelcards and children and young people aged at least 6 and under 25. 

That’s good to know.

  • To be able to benefit from the group discount, you must book your group journey at least two working days before departure or register it at a public transport point of sale or via the SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).
  • If you wish to buy group tickets (including the reservation) online, you / the group leader will need a SwissPass login.
  • The attractive Day Pass for Schools is available for school classes and youth groups for CHF 15 per person. This means groups with children and young people under 25 can benefit from a reduced-price Day Pass for school excursions or ‘Youth + Sports’ events, getting to travel 2nd class on public transport for a whole day for just CHF 15.
Go to the Day Pass for Schools

Important information about booking online.

If you would like to book your group journey online, you may not be able to see a fare or purchase tickets. (The ‘purchase’ button may be crossed out). This may be because the transport companies involved cannot provide sufficient capacity or an initial check has to be carried out to identify whether sufficient capacity can be provided for the group (e.g. by adding an extra coach or a larger / additional bus etc.). In this case, we can provide assistance at the counter or via the SBB Contact Center on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.).

Further content

Purchase online with SwissPass login only.
Fare calculation instructions (without login)

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