Welcome to Geneva Cornavin station.

Geneva Cornavin station is the beating heart of public transport for the city and the wider region. The station building was reopened in autumn 2014 after being fully renovated and extended. It is now an ultramodern service centre with impressive architecture and a wide variety of shops open ‘til late. The shopping centre at Geneva Cornavin station includes a pharmacy, numerous takeaway outlets and a range of services and shops.

Station usage: Geneva Cornavin station

  1. 0:00 Normally quiet

  2. 1:00 Normally quiet

  3. 2:00 Normally empty

  4. 3:00 Normally quiet

  5. 4:00 Normally quiet

  6. 5:00 Normally quiet

  7. 6:00 Normally quiet

  8. 7:00 Normally moderately busy

  9. 8:00 Normally moderately busy

  10. 9:00 Normally moderately busy

  11. 10:00 Normally quiet

  12. 11:00 Normally moderately busy

  13. 12:00 Normally moderately busy

  14. 13:00 Normally moderately busy

  15. 14:00 Normally moderately busy

  16. 15:00 Normally moderately busy

  17. 16:00 Normally moderately busy

  18. 17:00 Normally very busy

  19. 18:00 Normally moderately busy

  20. 19:00 Normally moderately busy

  21. 20:00 Normally quiet

  22. 21:00 Normally quiet

  23. 22:00 Normally quiet

  24. 23:00 Normally quiet

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