Free WiFi and entertainment on the train.

This year, we have introduced free WiFi on Giruno and Astoro trains. That includes the infotainment portal SBB Onboard. 

Passengers can now enjoy free WiFi and an infotainment portal on all Giruno and some Astoro trains. Passengers just need to connect to the train WiFi (SBB-FREE) and can use the entire SBB Onboard entertainment programme for free. Enjoy a wide range covering films, newspapers and meditation podcasts. Whether you’re a bookworm or a film fan – the programme offers something for everyone:

  • Information about SBB
  • Electronic newspapers and magazines
  • Documentaries and films
  • Lifestyle and meditation

The SBB Onboard portal is continuously reworked and updated to provide passengers with current news and interesting entertainment so that the journey is an enjoyable experience.

Free WiFi and portal access will be gradually rolled out on all Astoro (ETR 610) trains by 2021.

  • The entry page for the SBB Onboard infotainment portal with current updates about your journey and access to our media offering.
  • You can view menus for SBB rail catering in the infotainment portal.
  • Current news and interesting entertainment for an exciting travel experience – find all this in the SBB Onboard portal which is continuously maintained and updated.
  • Our children’s corner means little ones don’t miss out on the on-board entertainment either.
  • The infotainment portal also offers users a wide selection of films.

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