Set up an SBB profile now and enjoy the many benefits.

Save time with stored details, have tickets refunded more easily and get leisure activity suggestions which match your interests: these are just some of the benefits the SBB profile offers.

Your advantages at a glance.

  • Save time when purchasing:

    Your details are already stored and you don’t need to enter them again the next time you buy online. The same applies to forms, which are completed automatically using the personal details from your profile.

  • Personalised leisure travel offers:

    By sharing your interests, you receive recommendations and offers which are customised for you.

  • Save payment methods:

    Set your preferred payment method as standard and select it quickly and conveniently when making a purchase.

  • Simpler refunds:

    You can have tickets you bought for journeys in Switzerland refunded directly in your profile as long as they are not yet valid (does not apply to supersaver tickets or special offers).

  • Best possible overview:

    You can find your previous purchases and orders at any time all in one place in your profile and if needed show or print out the ticket you bought online.


Choose to stay logged in when you sign into so you don’t need to log in again when coming back.

Further extras.

  • If a payment is interrupted, you can check whether the ticket was actually purchased or not under ‘Orders’.
  • You can also use your login for the SBB Mobile app and buy tickets there.
  • You have the option of selecting ‘Purchase by monthly invoice’ directly in the payment process.

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