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What does the label “paid content” on mean? Why does SBB have paid content on its website? This information and more can be found here.

What is “paid content”?

Commercial contributions embedded in our edited content on are labelled “paid content”. If readers are influenced in their purchasing behaviour by third-party contributions, these contributions are classified as commercial communication. The contribution is not necessarily paid for.

Why the label “paid content”?

We are using this label to provide transparency for you. The label lets you distinguish commercial content from the rest of the content. We base our labelling on regulatory stipulations and standards in Switzerland.

Which contributions are classified as paid?

A contribution is labelled as “paid content” 

  • if these contents are embedded in customer information or our edited content,
  • or if in exchange for payment the offers are better placed, increasing the likelihood of clicks or purchases by you.

What is the distinction between the label “paid content” and the label “advertising”?

Advertising on is played to chosen groups and is displayed to the most relevant possible target group. Advertising is always paid for. In contrast, paid content is a fixed part of the web page and is not necessarily actually paid for.

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