Public transport travelcards at a glance.

Which public transport travelcard is the most suitable and best value for you? Whether you commute the same route every day, only use public transport every now and then or mostly travel by public transport within your city, this is where you’ll find the right travelcard for you.

Your needs – your public transport travelcard.

  1. GA Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Ideal for (almost) daily commuting along longer routes

    • Unlimited travel throughout Switzerland by train, bus, tram and boat Unlimited travel on all SBB trains and those of most other railway companies, and on trams, buses, Postbuses and boats.

    • Available with annual or monthly payment (minimum 6 months)

  2. Half Fare Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Travel at half price throughout all of Switzerland

    • Loyalty discount when renewed without a break

    • Available as an annual travelcard

  3. Point-to-point Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Ideal if you regularly travel the same route by train

    • Unlimited travel on a selected route

    • Available for 7 days, 1 month or 12 months

  1. Regional Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Ideal for regular journeys within a regional transport or fare network

    • For your free time or the daily commute

    • Available as a weekly*, monthly or annual travelcard * only available in certain regional networks

  2. Modular Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Ideal for commuting between two fare networks

    • Combinations of zones and routes can be combined flexibly as you wish

    • Validity periods available: 1 or 12 month(s)

  3. SBB Green Class package.

    The offer includes:

    • Get on the move with even greater flexibility by combining public transport with an electric car

    • Personalised package options and additional modules

    • Travel sustainably and protect the environment

    • Available as an annual subscription

  4. Leisure Travelcard.

    The offer includes:

    • Ideal for going on trips out by public transport throughout Switzerland

    • Unlimited travel on selected days, in combination with a valid Half Fare Travelcard

    • Available for 20 or 30 days