Children’s Co-Travelcard.

Do you often travel by public transport with grandchildren, godchildren or other children aged at least 6 and under 16? Then the Children’s Co-Travelcard for CHF 30 is an ideal option. The Children’s Co-Travelcard is available on the SwissPass.

The advantages for you.

  • Free travel: with the Children’s Co-Travelcard, children aged 6 or over and under 16 can travel throughout Switzerland free of charge for a whole year when accompanied by an adult. 
  • Excellent price: the Children’s Co-Travelcard costs CHF 30 per child per year and companion.
  • Practical: the accompanying adult doesn’t necessarily need their own SwissPass in order to purchase a Children’s Co-Travelcard for the child.
  • Straightforward ticket inspection: the Children’s Co-Travelcard can also be checked using the SwissPass card or SwissPass Mobile of the companion (e.g. in the SBB Mobile app).

The Children’s Co-Travelcard on the SwissPass.

  • Easy to carry: the Children’s Co-Travelcard in practical credit-card form.
  • Convenient: renew existing Children’s Co-Travelcards on the SwissPass from home with just a few convenient clicks of the mouse, at a ticket machine or at any staffed public transport point of sale.
  • Versatile: you can load not only the Children’s Co-Travelcard but also other public transport travelcards and partner services (e.g. ski passes for ski resorts, admission tickets etc.) onto the child’s SwissPass card.

Important information about the Children’s Co-Travelcard.

  • The companion can be any person aged 16 or over. They must hold a valid ticket for the journey in 1st or 2nd class. 
  • A maximum of four children with valid Children’s Co-Travelcards can be accompanied by one person. The Children’s Co-Travelcard is not valid for schools, institutions, clubs, companies, establishments and organisations, etc. travelling as a group.

Price and product specifications subject to modifications.

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