Quote request for door-to-door group luggage.

Please note that a group ticket is compulsory.

More information at sbb.ch/en/group-tickets

Fill in one quote request per transport route.

Travel dates.


Collection address (company / school / private / hotel / accommodation).


Delivery address (company / school / private / hotel / accommodation).

Number of items (enter the exact number if possible).

For ski equipment, enter the number of skis, ski boots, sledges, snowboards or private ski bags, and for luggage, enter the number of suitcases, bags, backpacks, etc.  

Transport packaging.

Ski equipment and bicycles must be packed before being handed over to SBB or the transport company. Private ski bags or, in the case of bicycles, a Tranzbag, for example, should be used for this purpose. Plastic carrier sleeves for luggage can be obtained at a station prior to travel. For large quantities, please request the transport envelopes early enough at the station. If you use the carrier’s transport bags, you must use one plastic bag per ski, ski boots or snowboard, each of which counts as one item of luggage. The maximum weight per item must not exceed 25 kg.


Contact person and e-mail for sending offers.


The invoice will be sent by post to the above billing address only.

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Thank you for your enquiry. You will receive a confirmation at the e-mail address provided in the contact details. 

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