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In the SBB Preview app, with the help of our customers, we test new and innovative features that we would like to introduce in the SBB Mobile app. Around 250,000 Preview customers help us out with this every day.

On Board Information is your trusty travel companion.

Let the On Board Information function – or OBI for short – accompany you in real time. Alongside relevant information about your current journey, it also provides you with a whole range of innovative functions. On Board Information is available to you exclusively as an SBB Preview user. 

Ready to set off with OBI.

  • OBI operation is based on Bluetooth recognition. So as an SBB Preview user, you have to enable the use of Bluetooth for SBB Preview in your device settings.
  • OBI works on trains that are equipped with beacon technology. This is currently the case on the following SBB trains: InterCity, InterRegio, EuroCity.
  • OBI can be found in the ‘Trips’ tab in the section for single trips. The ‘Live’ symbol will draw your attention to the function.

Map view with your current position and the overall route of the train.

Track your journey in real time.

  • Orientate yourself on the map using the current position of the train.
  • Be inspired and see the overall route of the train.

Customer information about the train: the train’s next stop, arrival times, disruptions to the train’s service.

Your travel companion has all the relevant information.

  • Get information about the train’s next stop, arrival time and arrival platform.
  • If there are any disruptions to your journey, you will also find any necessary information here.

Option to share your position on the train with someone, making it even easier to meet on the train.

Agreed to meet up on the train? No problem!

With OBI, you can share your position on the train – right down to which coach you are travelling in.

Ecocalculator for the entire train route.

Travel in an environmentally friendly way by train.

Find out how much you are saving in terms of energy, CO2 and travel time compared to travelling by car.

Information about shops and services as well as opening hours at your next arrival station (if available on

Do your shopping directly at your arrival station.

Find information about the shops and services at your next arrival station.

How do you like On Board Information?

Use the built-in feedback form to help further develop the function. 

Stay ahead of the game with SBB Preview.

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SBB Community.

Test and rate the new functions and give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement in the SBB Community. Your input will play a major role in helping to make SBB Mobile even more user-friendly and attractive.

Do you have any questions?

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