SBB Preview.

Always be among the first to test the latest features. More than 300,000 Preview customers helped us to further develop the SBB Mobile app in 2016. But there is still a long way to go. Our Preview customers are still helping us test new and innovative functions which we want to include in the SBB Mobile app in future.

Your benefits with SBB Preview.

SBB Preview offers the same basic functions as SBB Mobile, with timetable and ticket purchasing functions for journeys throughout Switzerland. We’ve kept the Preview app in grey to make it easier to distinguish.

The following functions are currently being exclusively tested on the SBB Preview app and constantly updated before they are launched on SBB Mobile:

The new touch timetable.

The touch timetable is the personalised alternative to the standard timetable. You can save your most important destinations in the tiles and access them quickly.

The SBB Preview App lets you test a new function of the touch timetable: 

The stops you travel to most often are saved automatically on the tiles. The touch timetable therefore adapts to suit your needs as they change.

SBB Community.

Test and rate the new functions and give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement in the SBB Community. Your input will play a major role in helping to make SBB Mobile even more user-friendly and attractive.

Do you have any questions?


If you haven’t found the answer in our FAQs, we would be happy to offer further assistance.