SBB Preview – always be the first to test the latest features.

In the SBB Preview app, with the help of our customers, we test new and innovative features that we would like to introduce in the SBB Mobile app. Around 250,000 Preview customers help us out with this every day.

A redesign for easier use.

We have recently made major changes to the app. We were able to resolve some of the operating issues reported by our customers and take into account their most important wishes and suggestions. We are now making the redesigned app available exclusively to you – our valued Preview app customers – before the changes are also made to SBB Mobile.

Plan journeys and buy tickets – easily and clearly.

  • Plan your journeys easily using timetable searches via the touch timetable. Or use the map and your current location to find your departure or destination point. 
  • Buy your ticket for anywhere in Switzerland in just two steps. You can benefit from great-value supersaver tickets and Saver Day Passes. Your travelcards on your SwissPass are applied.
  • Save your friends, colleagues, partner or your whole family as co-travellers for purchasing tickets.

Your personal travel companion – optimal guidance from door to door.

This is a video guide. A text explanation will follow afterwards.

  • When you buy a ticket, the corresponding journey is saved in the ‘Trips’ tab.
  • Even if you don’t buy a ticket, you can save your journey manually via the timetable.
  • The app accompanies you from door to door as you travel and you will receive information about delays, disruption and interchanges via push notification. 

Stay informed proactively with push notifications.

  • Would you like to receive timely information about your journey? Activate trip notifications in the app. 
  • After you activate the notifications, you will be updated with information about delays, platform changes and cancellations and notified when it’s time to board, alight or change.

EasyRide – travel throughout Switzerland with a swipe.

  • Check in, set off and get travelling– on the entire GA Travelcard network in Switzerland.
  • Change as often as you like and don’t check out again until you reach your destination. Whether by train, Postbus, boat or urban public transport, everything is possible with EasyRide.
  • EasyRide detects the route you have travelled and automatically charges you for the correct ticket. EasyRide also takes into account the subscriptions on your SwissPass.

Your tickets and travelcards always ready to hand for inspection.

  • Thanks to the connection between the app and the SwissPass you can present your public transport travelcards for inspection digitally.
  • It also gives you an overview of your valid and expired tickets and your travelcards on the SwissPass.
  • Have your travel plans changed or did you make a mistake when buying your ticket and get the wrong one? You can have it refunded directly in the app.

Stay ahead of the game with SBB Preview.

Want to always be the first to try out the latest features of the SBB app? Then download our SBB Preview app from your app store now. On SBB Preview, we develop and test the future of our apps alongside you and all our other SBB Preview customers. 

SBB Community.

Test and rate the new functions and give us your feedback and suggestions for improvement in the SBB Community. Your input will play a major role in helping to make SBB Mobile even more user-friendly and attractive.

Do you have any questions?

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about SBB Preview are available in the help and contact area.