The GA Travelcard area of validity: where your GA Travelcard is valid.

As a general principle, it’s true that the GA Travelcard enables you to hop on and off public transport with ease. But there are some exceptions. Exactly where you can travel for free with your GA Travelcard and where you have to pay a surcharge is determined by the GA Travelcard area of validity.

New map for the area of validity.

We have created a new digital and interactive map for the area of validity. You can use this map to find out very easily where your GA Travelcard, Half Fare Travelcard or seven25 Travelcard is valid. And where the Saver Day Pass and other tickets are valid too. Select the relevant travelcards, tickets or combinations in the menu in the top left. You can then view their validity on an interactive map.

Tip: zoom in to the desired scale so that you can also see the validity with smaller transport companies on the map. 

Areas of validity for the Half Fare Travelcard, seven25 Travelcard and 1-month GA Travelcard.

The same map also shows you which routes allow you to travel at half price with a Half Fare Travelcard, where you can travel for free after 7pm with the seven25 Travelcard and where the 1-month GA Travelcard is valid.