Travel and relax.

At weekends, during holiday periods and on public holidays, there are many people travelling by train. These tips will make your journey completely relaxed.

Avoid peak times and benefit from supersaver tickets.

Travel conveniently outside the peak times from 9 a.m., before 4.30 p.m. and after 7 p.m. Incidentally, this also increases your chance of obtaining a supersaver ticket – with luck you will save up to 70% with one of these.

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Check the occupancy of your selected train.

You can now look up the occupancy by coach on IC and EC trains online. Simply click on “Show train information” for the connection you wish to take. Please note that EC trains usually have a high occupancy rate. Tip: on days when many people are travelling, we extend our services with additional trains. These are also displayed on the timetable.

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Ensure your seat in advance.

Did you know that you can also book seats in the dining car? 

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Travel free of luggage.

Whether it is to the station, to the airport, or even door-to-door – we will be pleased to transport your luggage for you.

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Take your bike with you on holiday.

No problem – simply load it yourself, submit it or take it with you as hand luggage.

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