Receipts and invoices for your tickets.

Do you need a receipt or VAT receipt for a ticket you purchased? Here’s how to do it.

Can I have a receipt issued for tickets purchased online?

For tickets purchased online, the ticket itself acts as your sales receipt. No separate receipt is available for private customers. If your company would like to receive VAT statements for its business trips, we recommend SBB Businesstravel, our corporate customer portal.

Where can I get a receipt for the tickets I purchased?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in at with your SwissPass login.
  2. Go to your orders. 
  3. Choose the time period for which you wish to view tickets you purchased. You can choose to sort either by travel date or order date.
  4. Click on “Search orders”.
  5. Your tickets will be shown for the time period chosen.
  6. Click on “Print tickets” to view, save or print the receipt.
Go to your orders

Where can I find a receipt for my GA Travelcard or Half Fare Travelcard?

Here’s how it works:

  1. You can find the invoices for your travelcards on Sign in with your login details on
  2. Choose the “Invoices” menu to view a list with all your invoices.
  3. For more details, you can select individual invoices.
  4. You can retrieve invoices from the past two years by clicking on “Download account statements”.
  5. Our invoices are VAT compliant and can be used for tax returns, expenses claims or confirmations of purchase.
Go to your invoices Link opens in new window.

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