Help with travel without a valid ticket or with only a partly valid ticket.

Here you can find questions and answers on paying online, costs and deadlines for travel without a valid ticket (RogF) or with only a partly valid ticket (RemitF).

Paying the fee for forgetting your travelcard and invoices for travel without a valid ticket or with only a partly valid ticket online.

Have you received the ‘Travel without a valid ticket’ or ‘Travel with only a partly valid ticket’ form? 

You can pay the following fees and invoices directly online:

  • Fee “Forgotten Travelcard”
  • Invoice for ‘Travel without a valid ticket’ (RogF).
  • Invoice for ‘Travel with only a partly valid ticket’ (RemitF).
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Requirement to hold a ticket.


Costs and deadlines.


Reminder before start of debt collection procedure and debt enforcement.


Legal principles.

Passengers without a valid ticket or with a partially valid ticket pay a surcharge and a flat rate fare or the fare due. Identification is taken in all cases. The right to file a charge is reserved in all cases.

Additional fees shall be paid in the event of misuse (at least 100 francs per person). Additionally, the right to initiate legal proceedings is reserved.

In addition to high fines (at least 200 francs), presentation of a forged ticket will always be pursued under the law.

We base all our decisions on the Common ancillary fare conditions for National Direct Service and the regional fare networks. This tariff is supported by the Swiss Passenger Transport Act (PBG, 745.1) and the Ordinance concerning Passenger Transport (VPB, 745.11).

Additional fees are regulated by tariff 610 (not available to public inspection) under the services of the SBB credit control centre.

General Passenger Tariff
Fare regulations for passengers possessing no valid ticketLink opens in new window.
Swiss Passenger Transport ActLink opens in new window.

Prices and product specifications subject to change.

Questions from the Community.

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    Is my ticket valid if I take a different route to originally planned

    Helloi am planning a journey from Geneva airport to Lenk. Preferably I would travel via Montreux on the train departing at xx19However, if my flight is slightly delayed and I miss this train, could I then travel via Bern on the train departing at xx32. 
    i can see that they are priced differently, so if I had already purchased a ticket for the xx19, could I just pay the difference on board the train to the ticket conductor, or would it still be valid without paying more, or would I have to buy a brand new ticket ?Bearing in mind that I might be in a rush if I have missed my intended train.Thank you


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