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    Is it impossible to move from Chermart to Domodo Sola on October 17th?

    Looking for a way to get to Domodo Sola from Chermart.
    It will be moved on October 17th.Looking at the timetable, I noticed that there is an engineer work schedule from October 16th to November 9th.Then is it impossible to use the train during the working period? Image: 캡처.PNGLink opens in new window.Image: 캡처1.PNGLink opens in new window.

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    Gotthard tunnel delays

    I am trying to contact SBB for help with his problem, if you know of any email contact details where I could ask my question I would greatly appreciate it as I live in the UK. I appreciate members of the community will most likely not know the exact answer to this or be able to give advice but I will post it anyway. I have booked tickets with trainline (UK agency) travelling between Como and Paris on Tuesday 12th September. Our schedule was to take the EuroCity (312) train from Como (depart 7.54am) arriving in Zurich HB at 10.27am. We would then take the TGV (9218) departing Zurich HB 11.34 and arriving in Paris at 15.38. This gave us a little over an hour to change trains in Zurich. I understand that due to the derailment at the Gotthard tunnel the connection between Como and Zurich is now taking an hour longer requiring a change of trains at Chiasso – in effect the train now arrives in Zurich at 11.27 allowing only 7 minutes to change trains which seems risky especially if there is even a short delay (gates close 2 mins before departure of the Paris train). The SBB website (Q&A)  suggested that up until 23rd August EuroCity travellers were advised to take an earlier EuroCity train – tickets remaining valid. Unfortunately, this is the first EuroCity train of the day, so there is no earlier Eurocity train. Their revised timetable appears to suggest there is a train departing Como at 7.23 with a change at Lugano – arriving in Zurich at 10.55am – this is a local regional Italian train then a Swiss Intercity – so not a EuroCity - could we take these trains? Information covering this problem does not appear on the website Thanks Tim  

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    Saver Day Passes - Return Journey

    Hi - I've frequently booked single 'Saver Day Passes' via the SBB App and found it easy.  This trip I'm trying to buy two Saver Day Passes in one transaction to create a return ticket with 9 days between the outward and homeward passes.  It seems you can't input a 'return' option via the App, and the website keeps defaulting to the Supersaver ticket type (which isn't good for me as I need timetable flexibility).  I thought there might be a cost saving if I booked a return, but maybe this isn't the case. I'm an infrequent traveller on Swiss transport, so half fare etc won't work for me.   Wondering if anyone can help?


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