Help with refunds on tickets in Switzerland.

All you need to know about refunds for unused or partially used tickets bought on or in the SBB Mobile app. Tickets purchased at the ticket counter or ticket machine can only be refunded at a staffed station.

Tickets purchased via SBB Mobile.

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Tickets purchased at an SBB ticket machine or an SBB ticket counter.

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    Swiss Travel Pass Refund or Re-Issue

    I purchased 2 Swiss travel passes for me and my wife for travelling dates between 11th April to 14th April 2020. Due to covid lockdown and restrictions on travel in respective countries, the holiday was cancelled at that time and the pass was not utilized / used. Now, i am planning to travel in May 2023 and need help on getting refund / re-issue of my Swiss travel pass. pls help

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    Aithorized credit payment but cannot receive the ticket

    Hi all,I purchased a saver day pass today for 19/May, I got the credit card authorized message (I believe the amount has been credited to my card), but I got an error messagr on app... I cannot find the order record on or app, also no confirmatoon email.May I know if anyone experienced this before? As i from overseas, I am so worried if I am actually not purchase the pass successfully, can I get the refund..

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    Compensation Form Error

    Hi SBB team,I am highly disappointed with the refund service of SBB for an international travel ticket bought at Adliswil ticket counter for Germany (Schweinfurt) where the IC 283 train got cancelled last minute which was my connecting train from Stuttgart to Zurich HB. I had to wait at the station for 1 hour and further got delayed to reach back home. The same situation happened while traveling from Adliswil Bahnof to Schweinfurt and I missed my connecting train due to a delay of the RE train. It was very frustrating to have this kind of experience and there is hardly any remorse from the DB team and SBB team even after visiting your main office and waiting in the queue to make a complaint. The worst part is that you have provided me with a link in your mail to claim compensation which is not working and has an error "Page Not Found' being displayed.I further tried to log in with my swiss ID to fill the online compensation form and conveniently your link throws an error for international passenger rights.PLS suggest the next steps to claim the compensation for delay and distress this situation has caused to me. I look for the prompt support and response from SBB to make my complaint heard and answered. Awaiting your response.   


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