Barriere-free travel.

A train for everyone: even for those with limited mobility.

SBB, in compliance with the Swiss Federal Act on Equality for People with Disabilities (in force since 2004), is striving to guarantee passengers with varying degrees of mobility the possibility of travelling autonomously by train and is adapting its rolling stock, infrastructure and information system.

There are currently more than 70 regional routes served by low-floor trains (FLIRT, DOMINO, RV-DOSTO, NDW, DTZ and GTW). In parallel, there are more and more stations where the platform has been adapted (M55) to permit floor-level access to trains.

In the customer information area, the new menu item "Barrier-free connection" in the online timetable will display to what extent the selected journey is free of steps and other barriers to mobility. The status for each boarding/alighting point is shown individually. Passengers with restricted mobility can see whether independent boarding/alighting, as well as boarding/alighting with advance notice, is possible or not. Try out this new feature for barrier-free travel in the online timetable.

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