To Europe by bike.

Take your bike with you on your trip through Europe: SBB and its neighbouring railways allow the self-service loading of bicycles on cross-border trains.

The international bike ticket.

For self-service loading of bicycles to be taken cross-border you require an international bike ticket. It is also compulsory to make a reservation.

  • The international bike ticket is valid from the station of departure to the destination, in accordance with the passenger ticket.
  • It is available for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.
  • The obligatory reservation is included in the price of the international bike ticket but only applies to the first cross-border train. You can make the reservation for the return journey in advance.
  • You can obtain your bike ticket and reservation at the ticket counter or at the Contact Center Brig.

Your reservation


International bike ticket
(including cross-border reservation)

CHF 20

Each further additional reservation


Special country information and night train travel.

You can get information for countries not listed (e.g. Italy and France) and find out about taking your bike on night trains at the ticket counter or via the Brig Contact Center (0848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min.).

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