Summary of all GA Travelcards.

With the GA Travelcard you enjoy unlimited travel on SBB trains and most other railways in Switzerland.

Besides this you can travel on boats, buses and trams and you also receive discounts on many mountain railways.

The GA Travelcard with annual bill.

Product Price 2nd class in CHF Price 1st class in CHF 
GA Travelcard for adults 3860 6300
GA Travelcard for children 1645 2760
GA Travelcard for youth 2650 4520
GA Travelcard for 25 year olds 3360 5450
GA Travelcard for senior 2880 4840
GA Travelcard for the disabled 2480 4050
Duo Partner GA travelcard 2700 4340
GA Travelcard for families from 680 from 2760

The GA Travelcard with monthly bill.

Prices and product specifications subject to change.