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On this page, you can find out how to get the SwissPass card, what travelcards are held on it, what you have to do if you lose the card and much more besides. 

Order a replacement SwissPass card.

Has your SwissPass card been lost, damaged or stolen? No problem, you can order a SwissPass replacement card for CHF 30 online at, via the SBB Contact Center or at a staffed public transport point of sale.

How can I order a replacement SwissPass card online?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the link Order SwissPass replacement card.
  2. Select the person you would like to order the replacement card for.
  3. Check the address details.
  4. Select the payment method for paying the CHF 30 fee.
  5. You will receive your new SwissPass card by post.
Order a SwissPass replacement card

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Questions about the new SwissPass card.

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    Is my childs kantonal GA also a Halbtax card?

    Hello, our son has a yearly kantonal (Zug) GA (swisspass) that enables him to travel unlimited in our kanton. Does this subscription also work as a Halbtax if he travels outside the kanton?

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    Using a SwissPass login account to manage travel transactions as a tourist.

    I have created a SwissPass login account to use in managing my travel for myself and my travel partner. Since I am a tourist, I assume this is referred to as a 'user' account on (see related post by @RomanoSLink opens in new window. ). In the following link, it explains how to purchase Swiss Travel Systems offers (including the Swiss Half Fare Card) for tourists: will be purchasing for each of us (while signed onto my account), Swiss Half Fare Card and tickets (train, boat, mountain excursion, etc).Questions/confirmations that I have are:Is there any reason why my travel partner and I would want separate 'user' accounts?Our Swiss Half Fare Cards and all tickets will show in the‘Tickets & SwissPass’ tile on my 'user' account? Depending on if a ticket is refundable and I decide to cancel it, can I do this via the SBB mobile app or being signed onto the site? And will the refund go back to my credit payment method (credit card)? Any exchanges can also be done this way via the app or site?In the instructions on the web site referenced above, it says to store manually in my account settings our Swiss Half Fare Cards as Half-Fare travelcards (1/2) , which is for Swiss citizens. I assume it does not matter since the half fare policy is the same in both cases?Thanks for your help in confirming my understanding of these items.      

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    Swiss Pass card

    Hi Everyone,I'm planning to visit Zermatt with my family in July,2023. Our flight will arrive to Basel Airport and we are planning to buy an 8 days Swiss Travel Pass. I would have two questions about it:
    1) Can I just simply get on any of the trains from Basel to Zermatt or do I need to buy any additional ticket (for 2nd class)?
    2) I would like to go to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise using my Swiss Travel Pass. On Order your individual tickets to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise ( opens in new window. website I can see the below notification:
    "Please note that discounted tickets are exclusively available with a valid SBB half-fare/GA travelcard and must be charged onto the SwissPass card. Please carry the SwissPass card with you (mobile SwissPass is not possible)."
    Based on that, should I request a SwissPass card in physical format? If so, how can I do that?

    Could you please advise on the above?

    Many thanks in advance for your help! Best regards,Mátyás


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