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If you regularly travel between fare networks or outside a fare network and would like to use local transport, the Modular Travelcard is an ideal solution.






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    Does modular travelcard include unlimited travel in the zones included?

    Hello, I have a monthly modular travelcard from "Lausanne, Languedoc" to "Sion". On my SBB mobile app, it just says monthly modular travelcard from A to B. On the swisspass website under "travelcards", it says "Zones 11 12" under "fare network". My question, does this mean my modular travelcard include unlimited travels in zones 11 12 of the Mobilis network or just from point A (Lausanne, Languedoc) to point B (Sion)? Thank you very much for your time in answering this question.

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    Luggage transfer

    We are travelling from Canada to hike the Haute Route. After the hike we plan travel around Switzerland using a Swiss travel pass. Can we transfer the luggage we don't need for the hike from the Geneva airport to the hotel in Zürich where we will be staying at the end of our hike?  I've checked the luggage information on the website, and the conditions state:Can I send luggage even if I am not travelling by train?No. You can only check in luggage and flight luggage if you have a valid ticket for the whole transport route or if you hold one of the following annual travelcards: GA Travelcard, Half Fare Travelcard, Point-to-Point Travelcard, Regional Travelcard, FVP (travel discount for SBB employees), seven25 Travelcard, Modular Travelcard.Since we are walking from Chamonix to Zermatt, does that mean the service isn't available for us?  Is there an alternative?

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    Modular Card

    I have purchased a Modular Travelcard - Lucerne – Zug, including Zone 10 Passepartout (Lucerne) and Zone 610 TV Zug (Zug).Does this entitle me to Travel from Lucerne to Zug and from Zug to Lucerne?Or only one way (Lucerne to Zug) and I need to buy a point to point ticket from Zug to Lucerne additionally 


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