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    I purchased my ticket, I get the confirmation, but I didn't get an email.


    I logged in and booked tickets, I

    However,I get the confirmation page but I didn't get an email and any information about the journey.

    After the last process of the ticket purchase, I confrim that the payment by my credit card already has been made for ticket. but I thought I failed to book my tickets supersaver ticket / Sun.13.05.2018 Depart 18:33  Basel SBB    Arrival 19:26
    Zürich HB  .  passenger name are Reda OUMIEL.Price : 16.8 CHF = 15.36 Euro ( I have a proof in my bank summary )- the first six digits on my credit card : 5539 79 the last four digits on my credit card : 9086

    Order date : 22.05.2021 
    Name of orderer:  Reda Oumiel 
    my e-mail is  redaoumiel@gmail.comLink opens in new window.

    Please, Let me know my booking process and status of it as soon as possible

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    Payment failed with a technical problem

    I tried to buy a ticket from Lausanne to Lyon by a non-swiss credit card. But once I paid the ticket, the page said that  a technical problem has occurred that asked me to return to the timetable page and rebuy the ticket. And I was refunded too. I tried with all my cards, but I failed every time. I wonder if there's a solution for this problem?

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    Please ticket refund.

    Hello.  I bought a ticket to arrive at Brig from Interlaken West. It was mistakenly paid. I'm sorry, but can I get a refund? The payment was made without realizing it. Please I beg you.ticket id: 924080110930 


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