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    Wrong date of birth on parents tickets

    Hi - I just purchased 2 tickets for my parents going from Interlaken OST to Paris Lyon.When I was purchasing the tickets and entered the date of birth, the form kept automatically changing the date to one day earlier. So every time I entered 26, it became 25. To account for this I added one extra day to my parents date of birth and it appeared to be correct when I made payment and purchased the tickets.However when I received the confirmation email and tickets, the date of birth was incorrect for both of my parents on the tickets. So their date of birth is one extra day for both of them (27 instead of 26 and 30 instead of 29). Has anyone had a similar experience? What is the best way to fix this?Thank you

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    Authorized credit payment but cannot receive the ticket

    Hi all, I purchased a saver day pass today for 19/May, I got the credit card authorized message (I believe the amount has been credited to my card), but I got an error messagr on app... I cannot find the order record on or app, also no confirmatoon email. May I know if anyone experienced this before? As i from overseas, I am so worried if I am actually not purchase the pass successfully, can I get the refund..

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    Half Fare Travelcard

    I would like to inquire about the Half Fare Travelcard.
    I want to buy it on March 20. Up to the age of 25 I have a discount and I can buy it for 120 chf. March 23 of this year is my birthday and on that day I lose this discount. purchase at a later date incurs the payment of the full amount of CHF 185. My question is if I buy this card for a year before the age of 25, can I use the discounts after the age of 25 (i.e. March 23 of this year)


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