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    COVID-19 and the GA

    My company has mandated work-from-home for the foreseeable future. Will there be any consideration to extending the amount of time a GA may be Hinterlegt?I have already used up the normal 30 days worth of Hinterlegung but obviously if I am no longer spending 4-hours in the train each day to get to the office it is would be super if the Hinterlegung period would be able to be extended.Many thanks,A.

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    International Reservation Problem

    I am trying to make a reservation for a 2nd Class trip from Zurich to Milan departing 11:09 14.08.2017.If I go to this page I can reach the reservation page (see attached) but when I click next I am taken back to a German version of the Ticket Shop Home PageI have tried this on a Mac using Safari and an iPad.  On the iPad the ticket shop page displays an error message which translates to:"Your session was too long inactive. Please login again.If you were in the buying process, you have to choose your tickets again. Also ensure that session cookies are enabled in your browser."I have tried this several times with the same result.Is there a bug in the system?Also when selecting the appropriate price reduction there is no option to select Swiss Travel Pass.  GA 2cl gives the correct price.  Is it OK to use that option for travel with a Swiss Travel Pass? Image: Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.21.09 pm.pngLink opens in new window. Image: Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.22.38 pm.pngLink opens in new window. 

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    Refund for ticket that was covered under GA

    Hey! I have a GA and I bought a ticket for me for the 110 zone in Zürich by mistake. I really think that it's really stupid that the app allow you to buy a ticket under your name when you are a GA subscriber. I was trying to buy a ticket on the app for my father-in-law for the day (return ticket) since he is visiting us and I forgot to change the name on the ticket. I realize in the moment the payment was executing. Were were in a hurry of course. When I was about to return the ticket —less than 5' after I bought it— the app told me that the refund can't be issued since the ticket was 6.2 francs and the return fee was 10 francs. WTF! As I said, for me there are two issues here: I can buy a ticket that clearly don't need since I have a GA. This is a really big failure on your side. I think that at least a big warning should be issued. Mistakes are made, all the time, and I think that be able to file for a refund without a fee in the following 5' or 10' should be posible. Yes, then perhaps people could take advantage of it, but you can also detect those cases, limiting the number of consecutive refunds on a given time without a human supervision. There is an additional issue here… If you have some travel cards for visitors (for two weeks or a week) things would be much easier. I understand —and applaud— that the priority are the regular customers and residents, but every time our family is coming here for a visit is a nightmare or and incredible expense. Thanks! 


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