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    GA Travel Card


    I have a monthly GA Travel Card for 420 CHF. I would like to clarify whether I can bring my bicycle along with this pass or if there are any restrictions. I couldn't find this information publicly available, so I'm reaching out here again 🙂

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    GA for one or two weeks?

    I’ll be visiting CH for 10 days. During the time, I plan on visiting Zurich, St. Gallen, Bern, Luzern, and Geneva. I think it would be perfect if there’s a GA for one or two weeks, but do you have such products? If not, which option would make my trips the cheapest? Half fare or GA for one month?

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    One-month GA travel card_sent to train station_delayed delivery_Alpiglen to Grindelwald.

    1.  Is it possible to deliver the travel card to one of the SBB train station?We will not staying in one location but constantly travelaround Switzerland, thus it is impossible for us to staying in one place just to wait for the travel card. 2.  It is suggested on the website that it takes approximately 10 ten days to deliver the travel card and SBB could provide us a temperory Swiss Pass at first. How long is the valid period of temperory pass?What if the Travel Card is not delivered after 10 days? Could the expiration date of temperory Swiss Pass be extended? 3. We plan on hiking the Eiger Trail and will have to take the train from Alpiglen to Grindelwald.  Is the GA Travel Card valid for the train between Alpiglen and Grindelwald? Should we pay extra fee for this route? Thank you for your time. Mit freundlichen grüßenPin-Hsuan


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