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Do you have a question about the Night GA Travelcard? On this page, you can find out about the Night GA Travelcard, which replaced seven25 and Track 7: how to buy it, where it is valid and how to renew it.


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    Forgot my ID for a SBB apppointment

    Hello,I have an appointment with the SBB office to change my seven25 to the Night GA tavelcard but I forgot my walet at home. Is it enough to go to the appintment with the information in my phone (active SBB app and email appointment confirmation)?Thank you.

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    Seven25 with trains arriving after 5am/7am with NO stops

    HelloI have a seven25 card and the documents dont really specify something neither have I seen it here get asked, besides thisLink opens in new window. Let's say there is a train from Geneva to Zurich with NO stops, departs at 5:42 and reaches the destination at 8:28. Its weekend so the validity is until 7am. Is this valid for my card? Do I need to buy a ticket? Do I buy additional ticket from the nearest station that reaches at 7am until Zurich? Let's say Bern-Zurich. Or because I departed within the validity and there are no stops, I don't need anything extra and the card is valid? Or maybe I am not even supposed to take this train because the first stop (and final) is after 7am and I will get finedThank you

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    Seven25 last day of validaty until what hour?

    Hi there, I have a seven25 and it is valid until 13.12.2022. I would like to know if I can still take a train after 19h on 13.12.2022, that arrives before 5am on 14.12.2022? i.e. Can I still take a train that leaves 23h on 13.12.2022 and arrives 00:30h on 14.12.2022 with my seven25? Thank you very much


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