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    Dogs of over 30 cm wither height under seat?

    My dog has a wither height of 75 cm. It does not fit under the seat I suppose. Where should me and my dog sit? Thank you.

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    Travelling with a dog in Geneva

    Hello,I’m coming on holiday with my dog to Geneva and would like to use the buses and boats.My hotel will issue me with a Geneva Transport Card so I can use the transportation for free, however, I know I will need to pay for my dog.I have seen I can purchase a Dog Day Pass, but is this valid with the Transport Card or do I need to have a Swiss Pass in order to purchase/use the Dog Pass?

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    Travel with dog

    When there is a restaurant on the train (where most of the train has a restaurant), does it mean i cannot take the dog on that train? Or just that the pet cannot go to the section of the train where the restaurant is. Based on SBB description, most interctiy trains have restaurant. I search for trains via SBB website, most of it has restaurant icon. Thank you. 


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