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    Questions about "Day pass for 2" ticket

    Hi, I am a foreign traveler, I want to figure out that can foreign travelers buy the "Day pass for 2" ticket with "half fare card"? According to my understanding, the "half fare card" has the same right as "half fare travelcard", the only difference is that the half fare card would be more beneficial to foreigners who travel within one month. I hope to get an accurate answer to avoid unnecessary waste and trouble.Thank you so much!

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    Can international guests buy day pass for 2, please?

    Hi,I'm an international traveller from China.I'm a little confused with Half Fare Travelcard and Swiss Half Fare Card. And I see there is day pass for 2 in SBB app, which is valid for two passengers. But one persone must have a Half-Fare travelcard. Can I buy this day pass for 2 if only I have Swiss Half Fare Card?Thanks for your reply. 

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    Booking Children Ticket with Family Card

    Hi,I'm not sure if this question has been asked frequently here. I intend to purchase Swiss Half Fare Card for my wife and myself during our trip to Switzerland and understand that children between 6 and 16 will get a complimentary Swiss Family Card, which allows my child to travel free in Switzerland when accompanied by an adult who owns a travel pass. However, when I want to purchase ticket online at for my child, the discounts available are only (1) Junior TravelCard (2) Children's Co-Travelcard. There is no option for Family Card. Which option do I choose to get a $0 ticket for my child?I understand it may not be needed to purchase a $0 ticket for my child. However, I would like to be able to reserve a seat for her too, so that we are be seated together. 


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