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    I need my S number of my SwissPass

    Good eveningI purchased a SwissPass (half fare travelcard) and it is valid on the same day. I found some information on the website:- my card will be delivered by mail within 10 days- to use it in the mean time: you can request for a PDF as a temporary SwissPassBut where can I request this? I can't find any online support or ticketing system. I need my S number to purchase other tickets. I can't find it in my account on either. This is frustrating...

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    Swiss Pass card

    Hi Everyone,I'm planning to visit Zermatt with my family in July,2023. Our flight will arrive to Basel Airport and we are planning to buy an 8 days Swiss Travel Pass. I would have two questions about it:
    1) Can I just simply get on any of the trains from Basel to Zermatt or do I need to buy any additional ticket (for 2nd class)?
    2) I would like to go to Matterhorn Glacier Paradise using my Swiss Travel Pass. On Order your individual tickets to the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise ( opens in new window. website I can see the below notification:
    "Please note that discounted tickets are exclusively available with a valid SBB half-fare/GA travelcard and must be charged onto the SwissPass card. Please carry the SwissPass card with you (mobile SwissPass is not possible)."
    Based on that, should I request a SwissPass card in physical format? If so, how can I do that?

    Could you please advise on the above?

    Many thanks in advance for your help! Best regards,Mátyás

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    Half Fare Travelcard

    I would like to inquire about the Half Fare Travelcard.
    I want to buy it on March 20. Up to the age of 25 I have a discount and I can buy it for 120 chf. March 23 of this year is my birthday and on that day I lose this discount. purchase at a later date incurs the payment of the full amount of CHF 185. My question is if I buy this card for a year before the age of 25, can I use the discounts after the age of 25 (i.e. March 23 of this year)


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