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    Half Fare - Swiss Pass

    Greetings Everyone I'm trying to buy a Half Fare Travelcard. I just created an SBB account and downloaded the app.
    Whenever I try to buy the travel card (hitting the purchase 185chf button), a blank page loads and I cannot continue with the payment process. For personal data, I can only fill in the date of birth and the postal code. I cannot fill the customer number , as I do not own one yet. There is no email about a digital SwissPass.

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    Upgrade 2nd class STP to Bernina Express 1st class

    Hi! i have make a purchase for 8-days Swiss Travel Pass (2nd class) for my upcoming Swiss holidays in March 2023.I'm intending to take Bernina Express 1st class, therefore i am thinking of upgrading for 1st class for that day of travelling. I understand this can be done through Day Class Upgrade? Can buy that to pair with my reservation for Bernina Express 1st class. I went to SBB website and there is day Class purchase at CHF52. But under the discount option - there is only "No Discount", Half Fare Travel Card, Youth and Children Travelcard. What do i do? Do i click the Half Fare travel card?As a tourist, can the STP be uploaded to the SBB app?Thank you! 

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    Is there a Half Fare travel card for students studying abroad that will last longer than one month?

    I will be in Switzerland for four months and would like to purchase the Half Fare Travelcard, but the one available for guests from abroad is only valid for one month, is there a way for me to purchase the year long one?


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