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    Travelcard under 16

    Hi, I would like to buy a travelcard for my son of 15 years old to travel alone. I see the GA travelcard for children costs 1645 CHF. He occasionally travels by train or bus so I don't think this is the solution. Can I buy a half fare travelcard for youth (between 16 and 24 years)?

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    Buying sbb half fare travelcard at Bern Station

    I'm wondering if I have to fill out the order form in advance if I plan to purchase the SBB half fare travelcard at one of the SBB stations in Bern. The website says I have to give the staff the filled form but the form itself says that I don't have to. 

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    Question regarding fare from Zurich Airport to Lugano/Lugano-Paradiso

    Good Day:I'm a newbie to this forum. We're a group of 4 people travelling in September from Canada. We'll be landing in Zurich and proceeding to Lugano.I'm trying to book tickets on the website. After putting in the From/To, date/time, it's displaying the various scheduled trains for that day along with the fares. I selected one schedule, and then it displays two fare options.If I select Point-to-point Ticket, on the right side of the page, it displays the fare and this: 1× Point-to-point Ticket, Half-Fare travelcardIf I select  Supersaver Ticket, it displays: 1× Supersaver Ticket, Half-Fare travelcardI don't have a "Half-Fare travelcard". My question is, at the time of online booking and paying for the ticket with my credit card, will I need to provide the "Half-Fare travelcard"? Or will I need to buy it and show it at the time of boarding the train at the Zurich Airport station? If yes, how much does it cost? Also my understanding is that the Point-to-point ticket is valid until 5:00am on the next calendar day so if I miss one train to Lugano, I can catch the next one, correct? Where as with the Supersaver ticket is valid for the selected connection only, correct?Can someone please review and let me know? Thanks.


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