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    Additional zones in separate ticket

    Hi all, I'd like to ask if it's possible to purchase additional zones in a separate ticket? Let's say I want to travel from Bern to Thun and I already have a day pass in the Bern area (zones 100 and 101). Would the ticket inspector accept it if I showed a separate ticket for the remaining zones even if my starting point is from Bern, as long as the ticket is within the validity period? Thanks!

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    Super saver ticket refund

    I bought a super saver day ticket but then I realized that swiss pass after 19 September 2022 would be discounted 30% And I would be traveling to Swiss on 21st SeptemberSo I want to purchase swiss pass for whole my trip in Switzerland and want refund for my tickets or if it can be exchanged for swiss pass. I would bear the additional costWhat should I do as my ticket costs me CHF 52 and that would be a great loss to me because I have to purchase swiss pass anyhow.

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    My ticket does not show my excact departure-arrival times

    Hello, I purchased 2 train tickets for 2 different days, evening of 17 Oct (17.10) and morning of 21 Oct (21.10). The ticket for 21.10 shows the departure and arrival times as chosen. But the 17.10 does not show my chosen departure/arrival times. Instead, it shows departure-arrival period from 00:00 on 17.10 to 05:00 on 18.10.Does that mean I can use the ticket any time in this interval?Is the ticket invalid if I do not have my exact departure-arrival times?Hope for clarification, so I can fix in time before my trip whatever is not right with the 17.10 ticket. 


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