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    SBB Ticket check

    Hello. I paid for the sbb ticket, but did not receive the ticket.  If necessary, we will send you the payment details. SBB ID is Please call me back.

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    Saver day ticket valid for tourists?

    I have purchased a saver day ticket (full fare price) for a specific day in June.
    I will be travelling across Switzerland quite much during that day, so the daily saver pass was the best option for me.
    But I am not a Swiss resident and I am now wondering if the ticket is valid also for a tourist like me.
    Thanks in advance, 

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    saver day pass

    I purchased a Glacier Express Ticket with the Excellence Class Special from Brig to Chur. This included a regular point to point ticket for CHF 71.50. I need to get to Chur from Zermatt, and I need to get to Luzern from Chur all the same day. I see that to upgrade to a Saver Day Pass would be an additional CHF 10.50 if you purchased the ticket at the same time. Since I already have the point to point ticket from Brig to Chur, is there a way to upgrade my ticket to a Saver Day Pass by paying just the additional CHF 10.50? Or do I need to buy 2 separate point to point tickets from Zermatt to Brig, and then from Brig to Luzern? Or is there a better way? Thank you!


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