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    Ticket from Zurich-Zermatt

    Hello,Can you please advise me about the tickets from Zurich to Zermatt.I looked at the prices and I had a question, if I buy an online ticket in advance (I don't have any Swisspass or discounts), then it turns out that I automatically get a discount for previously purchasing a ticket on the dates ahead of schedule?Please correct me if I misunderstood. If you also have the knowledge of how to get from Zurich to Zermatt and back cheaper, I would be very grateful to you. 

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    Is my ticket valid if I take a different route to originally planned

    Helloi am planning a journey from Geneva airport to Lenk. Preferably I would travel via Montreux on the train departing at xx19However, if my flight is slightly delayed and I miss this train, could I then travel via Bern on the train departing at xx32. 
    i can see that they are priced differently, so if I had already purchased a ticket for the xx19, could I just pay the difference on board the train to the ticket conductor, or would it still be valid without paying more, or would I have to buy a brand new ticket ?Bearing in mind that I might be in a rush if I have missed my intended train.Thank you

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    Group Tickets & Day Pass

    Is a day pass available for group travel?


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